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Decision Height

A memoir of 25 years pushing big metal through the often not-so-friendly skies.

The oft used cliché, “decisions have consequences” never rang as true as it does in aviation. I have made some good decisions and some bad ones, yet the consequences of every one of them have been merciful to me.


But this is not an autobiography. I don’t merit that. I’m no hero. I don't have a Distinguished Flying Cross (I do have an Air Metal, but all you have to do for that is show up in a fight and be scared) and I haven't landed a powerless jet in a river. Mine is the unfiltered story of our lives forward of the cockpit door, and of events beyond our control that affected our thought life, our professional life and our relationships with one another.



Decision Height combines material from the published blog of the same name and from new material. It is currently 90% complete.






Red Star Express

I am collaborating with friend, Richard Hess, to edit an unpublished manuscript novel written by the late David DeRamus in 1989. Rich and I have found David's tale to be on par with Clancy, Brown and Coontz. With David's brother's permission we are updating his aviation techno-thriller to modern times.

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